While browsing the Internet you can find thousands of websites that look old-fashioned and not updated for quite a long time, as we call it they ”became dusty”. Websites like that fail to fulfil their main function – make you noticeable on the immense Internet space, so that your business would thrive and be competitive.

A successful website must have more than just good-looking appearance. Have you ever been on a website that obviously was made not by professionals? Probably it was difficult to understand site navigation and find the information you were looking for.

Website’s appearance makes the first impression which is of course very important, but website design is what makes website look professionally developed. Professionally created website is attractive-to-the-eye, modern and convenient to use, information that can attract potential costumers is accessed easily. If you need some sort of information or services and visit the website which appears to be most likely updated in 2004 for the last time, you’ll probably decide not to use their services as the suspicion might rise that the company is no longer working or they will provide low quality, unprofessional or morally outdated services.

You must be different from your competitors. Otherwise you are just a match in a big box of matches.

What is a professionally created website (web design)?

Easily accessed Easily accessed information trough search engines;
stable web server Placed on a stable web server;
company’s style Well kept company’s (logo) style on your new website;
statistics Provide fill statistics;
right structure Have right structure;
Compatible to all browsers Compatible to all browsers;
latest information Launching the latest information about your services;
relevant information Information relevant to the visitor;
anti-spam filter To have anti-spam filter.

Our websites are tested in the most commonly used browsers at different screen resolutions.

Leader Websites can ensure that your new website will have:

custom web design High-end, custom web design;
intuitive interface A clean and intuitive interface;
focused information Relevant and focused information, not marketing fluff;
Easy to read Easy to read content layouts;
Cross-browser Cross-browser compatibility;
successful business Have the distinctive look and feel of a successful business;
business identity Reflect your business identity;
professional image Improve your professional image;
capture clients’ attention Capture your target clients’ attention;
easily access Allow your client to easily access your product information;
intuitive navigation Have simple and intuitive navigation;
quickly load Load quickly to maintain user interest;
deliver your message Deliver your message with impact;
Work efficiently; Work efficiently;
Increase revenue Increase your business inquires and revenue.

We are committed to developing successful business solutions.

We would like to emphasize that ”Making websites” or website design is only one of the services rendered by Leader Websites. Wishing to save client’s time, we render other services as well!

Whatever needs you have our goal is to materialize it, provide best quality and of course to keep affordable website design services prices!